Intuitive Energy Art

Intuitive Energy Art does not focus on mechanics or technique. Using  intuition instead of intellectual understanding as the main source of  insight. It is more important to be open to be guided by the creative  process rather than taking control of it.

Images are the language of the soul. This language goes beyond what  we comprehend in our minds. 

My intention is to capture beauty from within and convey truth that goes beyond fact or reason.

When I am creating, my artwork is meditative and transcendental. 

Painting Process


Paintings are meditations, done with the intention of reading the intuitive energy of the recipient. During the meditation process we focus together on healing, clearing and balancing energy.  During this process I read your energy and translate it in a art form.  The art that I create is a process of layered mixed media painting with many materials.  The original  art is then put through a deeper digital editing process then printed on Aluminum and sealed in Acrylic.  Paintings can be done for any size.  To find out more about the paintings, process and how to get one click on the outreach tab at the top of the page.

Did You Find A Painting?


If you found a piece of art excellent! Please me send a note and tell me your thoughts and how it made you feel. The paintings that I chose to give away are apart of a ongoing project. I hope receiving this piece of Intuitive Energy Art brightened your day and  inspired you.  Please go to the Contact page and send us a email regarding where you found your piece of art.  Feel free to take a photo with your art and instagram the photo to #KathyCHattoraj  If you do not have instagram a simple email will do.  My goal is to place art all over the world